Spring & Summer Tours

When Are Tours?

  • Summer tours are held in July and Aug on Sat & Sun @ 1 pm only.
  • Please call ahead only if you have a group. Otherwise, please show up about 1/2 hour before the tour time.

What will your tour include?

On the Spring Lambing Tour … see hundreds of fluffy white little lambs.Your actual tour (about 1-1/2 hours) will be divided into several stages.You will begin the visit at our Sheep Shoppe, where your guide will escort you into our Viewing Gallery.The guide will introduce you to the farm via specially made movies that describe milking, cheese making and shearing. In addition, through glass windows, you can take a look into our state-of the-art barn with automatic feeding belts, Watch as our sheep are milked (milking times are 6am and 5pm) on the only rotating sheep parlor in the United States and see our cheese makers in action (cheese making takes place randomly on any given day.)

Finally, we will taste a few of the famous Valley Shepherd cave aged cheeses. After this portion of the tour, you will take a short walk to our lambing house. There you will see our hundreds of newborn lambs frolicking. After this delightful stop, you may return to our Sheep Shoppe to browse hundreds of unique sheep related gifts. You are welcome to bring a picnic setup and even wine and enjoy your stay on our farm porch. The shop does sell small chunks of cheese to complement your picnic.

Summer Tour: Summer Tour content is subject to seasonal farm activities. July and August is our transitional time between Lambing and Cave Tours.

Where is Valley Shepherd Creamery?

Look at our MAP! You can now get directions from your location…

How Much does it cost?

Only $9.00 per person (over 12), All kids (2-12 years) are $7.00, and under 2 years are free. Shepherds over 100 are free!