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 March and April

Our year starts off in mid March when Lamb birthing starts; On the average, during March and April, a new lamb is born every 15 minutes around the clock This keeps us rather busy (and sleepless) the entire spring.

We start shearing in April when the weather changes and our ewes don’t need their coats any longer. Our shearing festival is something not to be missed with fun, music and of course, lots of wool flying.

We start milking twice a day at the end of March and you won’t believe the milking facility until you seen it. The milkers stand in the middle of the room and ewes enter a rotating ‘facility’ to get milked. Every 10 seconds another ewe enters the parlor while a ‘milked’ one leaves.

All Summer

While the ewes spend their days grazing on our pastures, we milk twice a day and the fresh milk flows over to the dairy processing room located next to the milking room. Through glass walls you will look into these rooms and see all of these operations.

Spend some time in our viewing gallery and study the “story of cheese” wall. We tried to show the entire story from Grass to cheese in terms that would be fun for all ages.

Summer into Fall

As the leaves start to change, our aging cave is full of hundreds of wheels of different cheeses aging to perfection. A fall wagon ride to our aging cave will surely top off the day. We’ll leave this one a bit of a mystery but we will tell you that this 100-foot deep cavern was blasted out of a mountainside on our farm.

Our PET PASTURE houses some of our favorites: Friendly Belgian mare, alpacas, angora goats and even some of our retired sheep…

And…do not miss a visit to our SHEEP SHOPPE! We worked very hard with contacts all over Europe to import many sheep and farm related items. Browse and enjoy !

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