Shepherd’s Basket

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Raw Sheep milk. Made in the traditional manchego basket molds of 4-5 lbs and aged for 5-9 months. Resembles Basque Idiazabal or Spanish Manchego Viejo with a full flavor of grazed sheep’s milk.



  • Michael Kleinman
    September 27, 2017 at 4:07 am Reply

    I was blown away by this cheese, I bought it at the Reading Terminal and had never heard of Valley Shepard before.
    I then ordered Oldwick Shepherd directly and loved that as well. Then I asked an employee and they recommended Melter Skelter and I loved that too. I have systematically ordered almost every cheese that Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge sells and have tasted hundreds of cheeses all over the world and these Valley Shepherd cheeses rank very high on my list. Of course cheese varies from batch to batch and at different times of the year and I may not be as impressed in the future which often happens, but what I tasted was exceptional.

  • AlexGow
    September 17, 2018 at 8:56 am Reply

    They have some pretty good cheeses, real gourmet. They also have a few specialty items. You can buy the cheese and do what you please with it, and it s pretty darn good on it s own. Or, you can have them whip you up a grilled cheese sandwich that will knock you off your socks. This not your mom and pops watery American cheese on white bread. This is the grilled cheese sandwich if you were to present it to a planet you just discovered. Yup, we re talking the best there is. When I am not buying someone else s bombtastic creation, I sometimes create my own thing. And, for the holidays, it s all about the mac and cheese. I ve made a pretty good recipe for a few years, but never can find the truffle butter to take it over the top. Finally, I found it at Valley Shepherd Creamery. I have a feeling, this Christmas is going to be a mac and cheese for the ages, thank s to Valley Shepherd Creamery. I mean, it s not like they could go wrong.

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