Farm Policies

Dogs and Pets:

For the safety of our animals and yours, please do not bring your pets to our farm. Only service animals are permitted.

Tips for a Safe Visit:

  • We ask you to please do not climb on any farm equipment or fences.
  • Please be cautious around any machinery to avoid injury, especially moving equipment, such as wagons and tractors.
  • Please refrain from smoking on the property to minimize risk of fire.
  • Please do not enter the area behind the Sheep Shoppe unless escorted by a farm employee.
  • There are pesky little ticks that are commonly found in grassy and bushy areas during spring, summer, and fall; check clothing carefully when you leave the farm if you have been walking in tall grass areas.
  • Unfortunately, poison ivy is an ever present plant. Identified by its shiny leaves that are grouped in threes, it grows as a vine or shrub. “Leaves of three, let it be,” is good advice.
  • Wildlife is common on and around the farm. Please do not disturb fox, deer, bog turtles or any wildlife on the farm.
  • Our pasture pets are grass fed and have maintained diets. Please refrain from feeding them, thank you!

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