Cheesemaking Classes

2022 Class Dates (all Sundays)

Join us for a day of old-fashioned, artisan cheesemaking! Our master cheesemaker will teach you the art of creating cheese by hand in our small classes. In our class, you will make your own 2lb wheel of cheese that we will age for you in our hillside cave. After aging for 90 days, it will be ready for pickup or shipment. Your day at our farm will also include cheese tasting, tour of the facility, and meals. This fun, educational class makes a great gift or day trip!

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Classes are $179 per person and include breakfast & lunch, lectures, tours, cheese tasting, and cheese making. Prior to your scheduled class, we will send a reminder email. Comfortable clothes and slip proof shoes are recommended- cheesemaking can be slick and messy!

For private classes and team building workshops, please email us directly at or call us at (908) 876-3200. Please note that minimum group size is 12 individuals. Groups under 12 are permitted but must still pay the minimum fee.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Space is very limited (25 some /class) so please reserve early.
Because our classes are reserved months in advance our cancellation or re-scheduling policy is as follows:
– 60 CALENDAR DAYS BEFORE CLASS DATE: You may reschedule or request a refund.
– 30 CALENDAR DAYS BEFORE CLASS DATE: You may Reschedule. no refund.
– SHORTER THEN 30 DAY NOTICE OR ‘NO SHOW’ is deemed to be a forfeiture.

Rescheduling options are not available if cancellation is less than 30 calendar days prior to class or if there is a no show the day of.

Sample Itinerary

10:00 am

Breakfast and Sign In
Start your day our viewing gallery with a continental breakfast and coffee. Sign in upon arrival please. Discussion to follow.

10:30 am

Farm Overview and Cheesemaking Techniques
Meet with our Master Cheesemaker and learn how Valley Shepherd Creamery got its start. Feel free to ask any questions following an outline of today’s production techniques.

11:30 am

Preparing the Milk
Students help pour today’s fresh, raw milk into the production vat, begin warming of milk and learn about lactic bacteria inoculation.

12:00 pm

Farm Tour
While milk is warming, students are taken on a tour of a specific farm production area. Spring: to the lamb rearing areas. Fall:to the aging cave

12:30 pm

Rennet and Coagulation
Students return from tour, wash up, sanitize and help add coagulant to milk. Learn how rennet works and its role in curd formation.

1:00 pm

Lunch is served in the viewing gallery. Sandwiches, salads, cookies and drinks. Enjoy it on the farm porch!

1:30 pm

Curd Cutting
Once the curd is set, students return to the cheese room to help cut into smaller curds

2:00 pm

Various Cheese Production Techniques
While waiting for the curd to acidify and set up, learn about various techniques used to produce brie, blue, cheddar and more!

2:30 pm

Cheese Tasting
Time to try a variety of Valley Shepherd cheeses! We will go through each product, its production, origin and taste profile.

3:00 pm

Molding and Pressing
When the curds are ready, we will start draining whey and preparing the curds for molding. Each student will gather necessary supplies for molding their wheel. After wheels have been shaped, they are pressed and turned several times to expel excess whey.

4:00 pm

Final Press and ID
Following the final press, each student will affix an unique ID number to their wheel to make sure it doesn’t get mixed in with other Valley Shepherd cheeses in our aging cave. Learn about cheese aging and affinage.

4:30 pm

Wrap up and Milking
Shop for cheese and related goodies, relax on the farm porch and watch the sheep go through the afternoon milking before leaving us.

90 Days Later

Wheel Pick Up
Upon receiving an email notification from the farm, students can stop by the shoppe and pick up their fully aged wheel. For an additional fee, wheels can be shipped via UPS.

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