Our Animals

Our Sheep

sheep in the barnSheep are seasonal milkers. Milk season starts in April when lamb deliveries occur and ends in late October when all the ewes dry up and are bred so the entire cycle can repeat itself on the following year. We milk European East Friesland and Lacaune dairy sheep because they produce more milk for more time then domestic breeds. You can see newborn lambs during our spring lambing tours and even our milking parlor in action during every afternoon tour.



Our Goats 

sheep in the barn


We are growing our goat herd so we can make some more of our run away best sellers including GOTOGETAGOAT or RED GOAT.The herd consists of several breeds including Alpines and Nubian breeds.




 Our Cows 

sheep in the barn


Our herd consists ofJersey and Guernsey cows that graze on the northern pastures of Sussex County, NJ.For some cheeses, we segregate the milk and use pure Guernsey milk as it has some pretty unique properties.