Other Farm Products

Yes, we sell cheese, but not only ! Find out what other products you may find in our stores. 

 Grass-fed Lamb Meat

Valley Shepherd lamb is tender and healthy! All our lambs are raised on our own fields. Nothing that is genetically engineered is fed to our lambs, nor do we use antibiotics or hormones of any kind. We lamb from March to May and thus our lambs are ready in late October. Once we are sold out there will be no more until the following year.

Grass-fed lamb (the opposite of feedlot raised-which is normally range fed and then fattened on grain) has been found to be high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) — an anti-cancer and heart-healthy nutrient! Studies have shown that fat from grass finished animals is actually healthy! For more info on the health benefits of grass-based meats please visit www.EatWild.com where you will find the latest facts on grass fed animals and the relation to your health.

Cooking Grass-fed Lamb Meat ...

Grass finished lamb is lean and delicate. In order to preserve its tenderness, we recommend that it be cooked to either rare or medium (pink in the middle). This will allow the inherent wonderful flavors in grass-fed meat to come through! Our lambs are not the fat, huge, grain stuffed monsters you get in supermarkets. They are smaller, leaner and tastier.

Our grass-fed lamb is available in the Sheep Shoppe freezer now. Precut, vacuum wrapped and frozen cuts such as leg, chops, shanks, stew and more are in the Sheep Shoppe freezer. 

Virgin Wool Blankets

In April of every year we (gently) shear our entire flock. Our shearer is very careful because most of the girls are very pregnant and carrying twins or triplets and the large East Friesian udder under them. The wool is packed and driven to a mill. There, the is wool is washed, carded, spun and then the fiber is weaved into cloth with three same color stripes available in either red or brown.

The fabric is always the color of our sheep, a bit of a creamy off-white. The edge of the blanket is sewn with a matching color yarn (grey or brow) and each blanket is serial numbered with our Valley Shepherd silk label. All our blankets are queen size (approx 78" x 104") and are priced at $125.

Fluffy Lamb Skins

The ewes are the foundation of any dairy flock and we treasure every newborn female. The rams are another story. Those who are born out of the best ewes can be kept or sold as breeding quality herdsires but the rest are raised for and sold as grass fed meat lambs as above. As a result we have available lambskins.

Lambskins are $89.00 each. These are wonderful gifts for babies to sleep on, or for those with arthritis and other joint problems. We also found that household pets love lying on especially when they have joint problems.

Valley Shepherd Creamery's Home-grown Compost - (we call it EWE-POO ©)

Valley Shepherd Creamery converts all the farm's barn bedding/manure into the richest compost you can buy. In a state of the art composting building, six composting bins can hold up to 30 tons of manure/straw each. Computer controlled blowers inject air under each pile to assure complete composting of the pile in half the time normal composting would occur. The piles 'cook' at up to 160F to assure complete destruction of any harmful larvae and bacteria. Bags of EWE-POO© are available only at the Sheep Shoppe. Each bag weighs over 40 Lbs and costs $5.