Farm Policies

The farm has its own rules. Learn more about what we recommend so you can enjoy your visit

We want your visit to our farm to be safe... 

We ask you to please do not climb on any farm equipment or fences.
You will want to be cautious around any machinery because all are heavy and all have dangerous moving parts and sharp edges. 
Also, please be alert to moving equipment, such as wagons and tractors.
Stay back from moving wagons and tractors; they are heavy, have sharp moving parts, and cannot stop quickly. 

Because fire risk is high on a farm, we ask that you please do not smoke in any building or during program demonstrations. 

There are pesky little ticks that are commonly found in grassy and bushy areas during spring, summer, and fall; check clothing carefully when you leave the farm if you have been walking in tall grass areas 

Unfortunately, poison ivy is an ever present plant. Identified by its shiny leaves that are grouped in threes, it grows as a vine or shrub. "Leaves of three, let it be," is good advice. 

Wildlife is common on and around the farm. Please do not disturb fox, deer, bog turtles or any wildlife on the farm. Exercise care when observing animals in the farm forest area. 

These are Things You Should NOT Bring to the Farm:

Dogs or Other Pets

Sheep and dogs do not mix well, unless the dogs are trained for years with the sheep. Border collies do not naturally work with sheep. Pregnant sheep and dogs are a volatile mixture that can potentially cause the ewe to miscarry her lambs. Because of our concern for the dog's safety, farm visitor safety, and our livestock, dogs are not permitted.

Food for our Animals

We cannot allow you to feed any of our animals food that you have brought from home or any food meant for human consumption. We have set up special feed dispensing machines containing feed that is safe and nutritious for our animals.