Other Farm Products

Find out what other products you may find in our stores.

Grass-fed Lamb Meat

Valley Shepherd lamb is tender and healthy. All of our lambs are raised on our own grass fields. We do not use antibiotics or hormones. Our meat is available in the Sheep Shoppe at the beginning of fall. Select cuts include legs, chops, shanks, and stew meat, in addition to sausages.  Please call us at (908) 876-3200 for more information regarding availability.

Fluffy Lamb Skins

Our soft, fluffy lamb skins are also available at the beginning of the fall. These make wonderful gifts for family and friends, in addition to providing a rustic touch to your home.

Virgin Wool Blankets

Each April, we shear our flock and send it to a refinery to be made into a variety of products, including blankets! Our soft, warm virgin wool blankets are available in lap and queen sizes. You can learn more about sheep shearing during our shearing tours.

Ewe-Poo©, our Farmstead Compost

Valley Shepherd Creamery converts all the farm’s barn bedding and manure into the richest compost you can buy. In our compost barn, six bins can each hold up to 30 tons of manure and straw. Computer controlled blowers inject air under each pile to assure complete processing of the pile in half the time normal composting would occur. The piles naturally heat up to 160F to assure complete destruction of any harmful larvae and bacteria. Ewe-Poo© is available only at our Sheep Shoppe in 40 lb bags. Please call to check availability at (908) 876-3200.

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