Herd Manager position

March 2017- open position

Job Title:  Farm Manager, dairy.

Status: Full-Time. April start.

Work Schedule: Varies seasonally.  April – November: 55 hrs +/-. 6 days per week; Nov-March: 30-40 hours week with more flexible schedule and negotiated coverage to care for livestock daily.

Compensation: Annual salary with housing allowance; commensurate with experience.

Duties: The Farm Manager reports directly to the Farm owner and is responsible for all aspects of supporting farm enterprises. Farm manager is responsible for entire operation including onsite employees.

Hours can be irregular to accommodate agricultural needs.

Current farm operations include:

  • Milking 400-500 dairy sheep and 150 dairy goats. Breeding, vaccinating and normal year round animal mgmt.
  • Lamb/kid birthing, vaccinating and management.
  • Tour guiding during shearing and milking season.
  • Managing three onsite full time farm workers
  • All farm equipment/repairs. No cheese making involvement needed.


  • Experience raising and caring for all manner of livestock
  • Basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical experience.
  • Strength to lift 50+ pounds and handle large animals
  • Excellent communicator and enjoys interacting with public
  • Basic computer technology skills

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter and a resume to Eran:    info@valleyshepherd.com