School Tours

How to reserve school and scout tours (and get the most out of it for your class!)

Dear Teacher and leader,

Our family is excited that you have decided to bring your class to Valley Shepherd Creamery. There is so much going on at our farm that an overall tour would be too confusing for the children. For that reason, we have broken down our tours into manageable sections.

School Yours are scheduled Thursdays and Fridays

 • Fill out the online Reservation Form and submit •


For Scout troups: Minimum Tour Fee $200 for up to the first 20 individuals. Over 20, fee is $6.75 per student, $7.50 per adult. Larger groups over 40 do not have a minimum fee
For schools: Minimum fee is $210 for up to the first 30 individuals (Includes 30 students + 6 adults free as 2 adults per 10 students). After 30 we allow two free teacher/chaparone per 15 students. Extra person are $7 each. Larger groups over 40 do not have a minimum fee.

We request that the person responsible for the tour meet our tour coordinator upon arrival at the farm and complete the financial arrangement prior to the start of the the tour.

Special note for girl Scouts: By prior arrangement, any troups belonging to GSNNJ must make reservations via the Council. Tours arranged via council receive a special patch.

Other Preparations

If you cannot nail down the date or have questions on the tour please call us to discuss. We welcome requests for specific information prior to tour-time that would make the tour more educational and rewarding for the children.