Cheese and Wine Tasting Dinners – NJ

Now Taking Reservations

Join us Friday, September 8 at 7pm for a romp around the cheesy world.
Traditional international dishes utilizing Valley Shepherd cheeses will dominate the night in addition to our loaded table of baguettes, table snacks, charcuterie, olive oil and balsamic bowls.   All courses paired with fine wines.
Planned menu for the night.
Changes and additions possible.
Kaasstengels  -VSC Califon Tome aged gouda
Salade de chevre chaud  -VSC Fresh Goat log
Spanish Omelette –  VSC Pepato Basket Manchego
Grilled halloumi, watermelon and mint skewers – VSC Sheep and goat Halloumi
Ricotta al forno al limone;   -VSC Sheep’s milk ricotta$64/person.
Everyone will be seated along a single long table at the valley Shepherd Viewing gallery.
Includes everything except gratuity.
Limited to 40 people.   Non refundable.  We will not be sending tickets.  We will have a check-in list at the door.

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